The Apple iPad Pro was first introduced in 2017. With its robust processor and versatile performance, the high-end tablet has been a big hit with working professionals, students, and tech enthusiasts alike. It boasts a large 12.9-inch Retina display that's responsive and intuitive. The iPad Pro also has the technology to connect with other Apple products, allowing users to work seamlessly from one device to another in a beautifully-designed ecosystem. Despite all of its great features, the Apple iPad Pro's thin build and expansive glass screen are bound to experience some damage from wear and tear. That's where we come in. The expert technicians at iCracked specialize in proving users with iPad Pro 12.9 repairs. 

Apple has taken all the great features from previous standard iPad models, refined them, and put them into the iPad Pro 12.9. It's powered by the proprietary A10X Fusion chip. This chip is incredibly fast and uses ProMotion technology that produces a 120Hz refresh rate. What does that mean for users? It means crisper visuals, smooth graphics, and less distracting artifacts. 

With all this great technology, we understand that you don't want to be without your tablet. That's why our technicians offer fast, affordable, and convenient Apple iPad Pro 12.9 repairs. We'll come to you and provide you with quality work that you can trust. We're so confident in our service that we offer a lifetime warranty for all of our repair work.  

Specifications for iPad Pro 12.9'' Repairs

Color options: Space Gray, Gold, Silver

Resolution: 2732 x 2048

Storage capabilities: 64/256/512GB 

CPU: A10X Fusion chip with 64-bit architecture and a M10 coprocessor 

Size: 305.7 x 220.6 mm wide x 6.9 mm


Weight: 1.49 lbs. (Wi-Fi model), 1.53 lb. (Wi-Fi + Cellular model)

Front camera: 7MP

Display: 12.9-inch LED backlit multi-touch Retina display with ProMotion technology, True Tone technology, and oleophobic coating 

Rear camera: 12MP


iPad Pro 12.9" Repairs and Replacements


iPad Pro 12.9" Screen Repair

The vibrant 12.9-inch display is one of the most realistic screens you can get on a mobile device. However, all of those great visuals are useless if you're dealing with a shattered screen. Our technicians can provide you with iPad Pro 12.9 repairs and screen replacements that last. 

Charging Port

Designed to transfer data and provide charging power, the charging port of the iPad is an important component that shouldn't be neglected. If dust or damaged wiring is preventing your iPad from getting the juice it needs, give us a call to schedule a repair. 


The microphone on the iPad Pro is placed discreetly. It's finely-tuned to pick up audio for voice memos and FaceTime chats. If you notice unwanted noise or distortion in your audio recordings, contact us today for a fix.

Headphone Jack

Located at the top of the iPad, the 3.5mm headphone jack lets you connect accessories with ease. However, dust can cause damage to the contacts within the jack each time you make a connection. If you're not getting the high-quality audio you should be, let us handle the problem. 

Home Button

With Apple's advanced Touch ID technology built right in, it's crucial that the home button stays in good working condition. Whether you're having trouble unlocking your iPad or you can't make payments with Apple Pay, let our technicians take a look and provide a solution.

Ear Speaker

The iPad's speakers deliver crisp audio unless they're damaged. Whether they've diminished in quality because of water damage, dust, or physical harm, we'll find a solution.

Side Button

Sleek and beautifully designed, the side buttons control the volume of your music, videos, and apps. When the side buttons stop working, contact us for a lasting fix. 

Front/Rear Camera

The cameras on the iPad can produce stunning photos and ultra-high-definition video. However, their small size and discreet placement make them prone to accidental damage. If your photos and videos are blurry, contact us and we'll find a way to fix or replace the camera components. 

Power Button

It's nearly impossible to use the iPad without a working power button. When it gives out, we'll send a technician your way so that you can get the repairs that you need. 

Loud Speaker

If you're starting to hear crackling noises or you're unable to hear any audio at all, your speakers may be damaged. The experts at iCracked can provide you with iPad Pro 12.9 repairs to restore your tablet's audio quality in no time.