The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is a compact tablet that's designed with creative professionals in mind. It has all of the same great features of its larger counterpart but has a smaller footprint for easy portability. Every detail has been carefully engineered to make this tablet visually-stunning. However, all of those great design features won't protect it from accidental damage. The technicians at iCracked can provide you with the iPad Pro 9.7 repairs that you need. Whether you're dealing with a cracked screen or faulty connection ports, we've got you covered.

This 9.7-inch model utilizes the unique A9X chip. It has impressive processing power that makes it easy to multi-task without lag. The chip is also designed with Apple's complementary accessories in mind. The iPad Pro works with the Apple Pencil and can connect with the company's desktops, laptops, and smartwatches for seamless connectivity.

All of this technology is packed within the iPad Pro's sleek, albeit delicate, body. Like any modern mobile device, it's prone to drops, screen cracks, and physical damage. Our technicians can take care of a wide variety of problems in a timely manner. We'll work hard to provide you with iPad Pro 9.7 repairs that last. We even offer a lifetime warranty on our work, so you can rest assured that your device is in good hands.


Specifications for iPad Pro 9.7" Repairs


Color options: Space Gray, Gold, Silver

Resolution: 2048 x 1536

Storage capabilities: 16/128/256 GB

CPU: Apple A9X with 64-bit architecture and a M9 coprocessor 

Size: 240 x 169 x 6.1 mm


Weight: 0.96 lb

Front camera: 5MP

Display: 9.7-inch LED backlit multi-touch retina display with ProMotion technology

Rear camera: 12MP


iPad Pro 9.7" Repairs and Replacements


iPad Pro 9.7" Screen Repair

In most cases, the first thing to be damaged is the screen. The delicate glass is prone to shattering even on falls from a short distance. If your damaged screen is preventing you from using your device, let the experts at iCracked perform a detailed iPad Pro 9.7 repair. 

Charging Port

Located at the bottom of the device, the charging port is responsible for transferring power to the battery and moving data between the iPad and a computer. Because it's used so often, it's easy to trap dirt and debris. If it stops working, give us a call so that we can provide you with a solution that works. 


You'll need the microphone to record audio and to communicate via FaceTime. Unfortunately, the discreet placement of the microphone puts it at risk for increased dust exposure. When your microphone gives out, contact us for a fix. 

Headphone Jack

With a faulty headphone jack, you won't be able to connect headphones and other accessories. Signs of damage include crackling noises, uneven audio distribution, or no audio at all. If this happens, contact us so that we can sort out the problem. 

Home Button

While the home button may not be physical on the iPad Pro 9.7, that doesn't mean that it can't be damaged. In fact, the iPad has Apple's Touch ID built into the home button. If you can't unlock your device, let us take a look. 

Ear Speaker

The speakers are recessed into the body of the iPad, making it hard to gain access without the proper tools. If you're starting to notice distortion or static, let us take care of the repair process. 

Side Button

The side buttons are engineered to provide users with a physical way of controlling audio volume. If it stops working properly, let our professional technicians come and fix the problem. 

Front/Rear Camera

Both cameras on the iPad Pro can be used to create stunning media. When they become damaged, you'll be missing out on one of the iPad's biggest features. We have the tools to provide iPad Pro 9.7 repairs that last. 

Power Button

iPads are rendered useless if they can't be turned on. Let us know if your power button stops working so that we can send out a technician to perform effective iPad Pro 9.7 repairs. 

Loud Speaker

Malfunctioning speaker components can distort your audio to the point that it's unrecognizable. If you're unable to hear your videos, music, and applications the way they were designed to be heard, let us take a look and provide a solution to the unique issues you're experiencing.