The iPhone 6 first arrived on the scene in 2014, boasting a large display, faster processor, upgraded cameras, and NFC support. Despite advancements in smart device technology, invincibility has yet to be perfected. Maybe yours took a turn for the worst, suffering a cracked screen or a busted charging port.

No matter the issue, iCracked’s team of on-demand repair technicians will meet you whenever, wherever you are to fix it. Loud speaker doesn’t work? Have a broken mic? Let your iTech handle it at your local coffee shop, park, or even place of work. Click "repair my iPhone 6" to get started.


Here's What We Can Fix


Cracked Screen

If your iPhone suffered a tumble down some stairs, a fall onto the pavement, or any other horrible tragedy, you might have been left with a broken glass screen. Keep your worries at bay—we can fix it.

Charging Port

If your iPhone 6 isn’t holding a charge, you might have a faulty cable, some dirt stuck in your charging port, or simply just need a full-on charging port repair.


An iPhone without a microphone is no phone at all. Do callers hear muffled, fuzzy, or even no sound from you? There’s a good chance you’re in need of a mic repair.

Headphone Jack

If listening to music has become impossible due to fuzzy or crackling noises in your ear buds, more than likely a headphone jack replacement is in the cards.

Home Button

If your iPhone’s home button isn’t taking you where you want to be, it’s possible you have lint, dirt, or other debris interfering with it. It’s just as possible, though, that you require a repair to your home button.

Ear Speaker

A crackling or staticky noise in your iPhone 6’s ear speaker could mean you’ve got some dust stuck in there, but if cleaning it doesn’t work, your next option might be to get the part replaced.

Side Button

The iPhone 6 has many side buttons, and if even just one of them isn’t working, it can spell disaster. iCracked has the skills and the expertise to fix what’s wrong.

Front/Rear Camera

Blurry photos? Laggy or crashing Camera app? Maybe your lens needs a good scrubbing or your phone needs a reboot. If all else fails, though, you might be in need of a repair.

Power Button

Pressing a power button shouldn’t be a difficult affair, but if it is for you, maybe you need to take a look at what’s going on with yours. Let us figure it out.

Loud Speaker

A loud speaker that’s making fuzzy or crackling sounds—or no sound at all—could mean you’re dealing with a broken one. Let’s get you moving on the path to repair.