Released in September 2016, the iPhone 7 replaced the iPhone 6 as Apple's flagship smartphone. However, even with water and dust resistance, a cool capacitive, static home button, and upgraded cameras, this device is still nowhere near invincible. The new colors are definitely pretty sweet, though.

But guess what? Your phone doesn't need invincibility -- not with iCracked around. Regardless of the issue, our crack team of on-demand repair professionals will meet you at a location of your choice, at a time of your choice, to fix your device. Loud speaker making weird noises? Power button stuck? Phone not charging anymore? Rest easy, 'cause we've got it covered.


Here's What We Can Fix


Cracked Screen

It can be difficult—or even just unsightly—to navigate a phone with a cracked display. Did your iPhone 7 fall out of your pocket onto some unforgiving pavement? Let us handle the repair.

Charging Port

A phone without juice isn’t any good at all. If your phone can’t hold or is having trouble holding a charge, let us know. We’ll send an iTech your way to fix your charging port.


A broken mic can prove a bit troublesome when talking to someone on the phone. If callers hear muffled or fuzzy noises when you’re talking, check your microphone for dirt or debris. If cleaning it doesn’t work, it’s time for a repair.

Ear Speaker

Hearing crackling or staticky noises when on calls? That definitely isn’t normal. Check for lint or dust that could be causing any issues. No dice? You’re probably in need of an ear speaker repair.

Side Button

Finding it near impossible to adjust the volume on your phone? Unable to put it on mute? If any of your side buttons are acting up, they may very well be in need of a fix.

Front/Rear Camera

The cameras on the iPhone 7 are works of art themselves. It’d be a shame if you weren’t able to experience them as they were intended. Contact us today and we’ll have your front or rear camera working again in no time.

Power Button

Powering your iPhone on and off can be hard when your power button’s on the fritz. Spilled liquid or dirt can cause stickiness, but if a good scrubbing doesn’t work, let us set up a repair for you.

Loud Speaker

Is audio coming from your iPhone’s loud speaker sounding a bit fuzzy or even just silent? That’s a little frustrating. If all troubleshooting fails, let us know and we’ll have someone to you in a jiffy.