The iPhone XS is the latest iPhone to hit the shelves this year. This version of the iPhone has a noticeably enhanced camera, allowing for better pictures in both dark and high-contrast environments. And compared to the previous iPhone X, it has a faster processor, quicker face ID and adds dual-SIM support.

The camera on the iPhone XS has a 2x optical zoom and a rear telephoto camera that helps frame shots better and has more versatile portrait modes. One cool function of the iPhone XS camera is that it lets you change the aperture after the picture has been taken, so you can capture more visually engaging images.

The iPhone XS boasts a premium, durable design with a stainless steel band encasing the screen. But the best tech designs in the world are still subject to accidents, cracks, drops and liquid spills. iCracked specializes in quick repairs for iPhone XS screen replacements or any other damage.

iCracked comes to you so you don’t have to waste a minute at an iPhone screen repair shop. One of our expert iPhone screen repair technicians will meet you anywhere and provide the repair you need in less than an hour. Screen cracked? Phone won’t charge? Don’t worry, we can fix any issue with your iPhone XS. Don’t wait, call iCracked now for an expert iPhone XS screen replacement today!


Specifications for iPhone XS Repairs


Color options: Silver, Gray, Gold

Resolution: 2688 x 1242

Storage capacities: 64GB, 256GB, 516GB

CPU: Apple A12 Bionic with 64-bit architecture

Size: 3in x 0.3in x 6.2in


Weight: 7.34oz

Front camera: 12MP wide angle and telephoto

Display: 5.8-inch all-screen OLED multi-touch

Rear camera: 12MP


iPhone XS Screen Replacements & Other Fixes


iPhone XS Screen Replacement

The iPhone XS has a super retina all-screen design for a large, gorgeous canvas for everything you want to see or do on your phone.   But there is nothing artistic about a crack in that beautiful screen. If your iPhone XS needs a screen replacement, call for one of our trained technicians to come and meet you wherever you want and get your iPhone XS screen back to its original beauty.

Charging Port

If your iPhone XS isn’t charging properly through a USB cord, check the port for dirt or dust.  If you’re still having trouble call us, and we’ll come to you. We know you can charge the iPhone XS wirelessly, but with a phone this superior, shouldn’t all your functions work perfectly?


Siri is a great help to move you around your iPhone quickly, set reminders and go hands-free while you are driving.  But if your built-in microphone isn’t working, Siri is no help to you at all. But you can contact us at iCracked and one of our expert techs will be on the scene to fix your microphone in no time.

Ear Speaker

The iPhone XS comes with a lot of phenomenal features and functions that go way beyond a phone.  But you still need your iPhone XS to perform its most basic and necessary function. If your ear speaker isn’t working then you are not hearing your phone calls or voicemail messages.  You don’t need the hassle of a broken ear speaker, call us and we’ll get one of our skilled technicians to you ASAP.

Side Button

The side button on your iPhone XS does way more than turn your phone off.  You can use the side button to take screenshots, activate Siri, and open Apple pay.  You can’t afford to be without this handy feature. If your side button isn’t working properly, let iCracked get a repair technician to you and get your side button back in business.

Front/Rear Camera

The camera on your iPhone XS gives you the opportunity to capture high-quality images, in any type of light, with its innovative dual-camera system.  The incredible images you are able to capture on your phone may have been what drove you to upgrade to this iPhone in the first place. A camera this high-tech needs a high-tech repair. The camera on your iPhone XS is in good hands with our highly skilled repair technicians.

Power Button

Nothing is more frustrating than not being able to turn your device on. If the power button on your iPhone XS is unresponsive, call our techs to get your phone back online fast!

Loud Speaker

If your loudspeaker is staticy, not loud enough or making funny noises, check for dirt or dust. If cleaning the speaker area doesn’t work, call us and we’ll have a repair tech to you in no time.